My life mission has always been about making a difference in all my spheres of influence

In 2013 I was offered a lifetime opportunity to attend the AMP program at the Harvard Business School. Prof Clay Christensen challenged us to reflect on “ How will you measure your life “.
Teachings from my father and early influences in my life; the precious time spent at Harvard characterized by, deep conversations with some of the finest minds from different countries and industries; amazing engagements with senior leaders from the public and private sector and the lectures from a world class Faculty all helped to shape how I wanted to respond to Prof Clay Christensen’s challenge.
I have crystallized my life mission and a response to Prof Christensen’s challenge as helping young leaders to grow, prosper and lead in a selfless, caring, ethical, responsive and inspiring manner across the African continent. Conversations with Lincoln is the ideal platform to spark conversations among leaders on a range of leadership topics. I dare to dream that young leaders from Cape to Cairo; Nairobi to Accra or Kano to Harare can find this platform to be a source of information, guidance and inspiration in their quest to become better leaders. Africa’s rebirth is inevitable – it however requires new, dynamic, incorruptible and humble leaders to the midwives of that rebirth. I hope that young entrepreneurs, young leaders in the public and private sectors and young leaders in civil society organizations will be frequent visitors and contributors to the site.
There is a lot of variety on the site, this will hopefully ensure that young leaders can focus on their areas of interest. The Blog has the following interesting sections :
  • Blog : This has a wealth of information on various blogs I have written since 2014
  • Conversations with Leaders : This will hopefully be a fountain of knowledge and inspiration as I interview exceptional leaders from across Africa and abroad about their life stories and views on key leadership issues
  • Conversations with young Leaders: Here I have an opportunity to engage with young leaders as they interviewed me about a range of leadership topics
  • Videos : This is an another exciting part of the site as i use video messages and interviews to engage young leaders.
  • Speeches and Articles : This is a collection of Speeches and published newspaper articles on a variety of topics.
  • Community projects : This section dedicated to the community projects I am involved with to a make a difference in the lives of less fortunate
  • Gallery: This section hopefully will capture some key moments in my leadership journey
I hope each reader will bring more connections and conversations across Africa and also help us to improve both its content and efficacy for the next generation of leaders. 
Our leaders are hidden in plain sight, I see those leaders in the incredible talent of young and potential leaders across Africa. I would like to play my role in their development, learn from their insights, link them up with local and international leaders and to create a powerful platform for Africa’s rebirth.