Lihle Louella Faas, greatest of all time


Go knock on the door, if the door does not open go through the window, if the window does not open go through the trap door on the roof, if the roof does not open, you blow the door down and say: “I’m here!!”

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26 year old Candidate Property Valuer, Lihle Louella Faas developed an early interest in finance and business, having been raised by parents who are among the country’s most successful professionals. Having a finance background she developed a curious mind with regards to Real Estate Development, Asset management and Property valuation. Due to this, whilst completing her Bcom Undergraduate Degree in Finance she decided to take up the course Property Valuation and Management. Added to this, in her final year of her undergrad, she began working at Vukile Property Fund, in their property management company Encha Property Services.

In 2014 she received her degree in Bcom Finance from the University of Johannesburg. After graduation she enrolled for her Bcom Finance Honours Degree in Property Valuation and Management at the University of Johannesburg. True to her determined and goal driven spirit she also began working in the challenging field of Management Consulting as a Junior Associate Consultant at a Strategic Advisory firm. Resilient as ever, the struggles of working and studying both full time, did not deter her and she completed her Bcom Finance Honours degree in Property Valuation and Management. The highlight of that year was an offer of a lifetime, a position as a Candidate Property Valuer at Nedbank Property Finance, Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking, the Market leaders of Property Finance in South Africa.

Minor Dissertation: Hydraulic Franking for Shale Gas in the Karoo and the potential effects on Property Values in South Africa. Currently working in the high pressure and fast pace, predominantly male dominated industry the thirst for knowledge continued and she completed a postgrad in Property Finance through the University of Witwaterand. Analytical, curious and fiercely hardworking, she continues to strive for greater heights in the property industry.

This go getter is affectionately referred to as the, Greatest. Of. All. Time. Is driven by a constant pursuit of excellence and a fierce love for people and Africa. She attributes her success and accomplishments to her faith and the values instilled in her by her parents and grandmother. Energetic to the core, this former sports woman runs ultra-marathons in her spare time, if she is not traveling the world or jumping of bridges. Dynamite really does come in small petite packages.