Midday-Joy with Unathi – 7 Minutes with Lincoln Mali


#KayaMiddayJoy has been inundated with requests for a link to the conversation that @Unathi_Africa had with the inspirational bhut’ #LincolnMali

In the wake of COVID-19, a new normal emerged and it included many of us doing the unthinkable. For years we have been told that it is bad form to take work home, under lockdown we took this to a whole new level and we started working from home. This is a minefield fraught with complications and complexities. Lincoln Mali is an experienced Retail Banker with over 18 years in the banking industry. More than this, he is a leader who puts the people he works with first. In this edition of 7 Minutes with… Unathi speaks to Lincoln about a message he recently sent out to his fellow workers and friends imploring them to be more compassionate and not to bring the toxicity of office life into people’s personal spaces.